» Pier 57 « 

Models: Lena Mandell, Nico Carrasquillo
MUA: Ginger Ryan, Nico Carrasquillo
Photographer: Mae Stark

Hello folks. When shooting our last outfit post, we were looking around and found the coolest place ever: Pier 57. It had a cool shoe store called Soludos, a ping pong table, sweet food (Japanese-Mexican fusion, yum) and an super cool art exhibit. The installation was called The Interactive New York (T.I.N.Y.). On the pier, video from around New York City was projected on to shipping containers, arranged into two rows. When we walked around, we saw subway letters on the floor that when we walked under them, triggered typical sounds you hear around the city. The project, designed by Garson Yu, was intended to trigger memories. 
In between the projections, there was long room that served as a giant chalkboard where people were supposed to write a story based off of the memories evoked by the projections and sounds. Wandering around the room was very surreal; it felt like we were in a dream sequence. We knew right away we would have to come back to take pictures. While shooting, we had the pleasure of featuring some cute espadrilles by Soludos . You can see them above!

Love y’all,